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Something old, something new

This morning was the coldest so far this winter. With the fireplace slowly releasing gentle heat to keep me warm it is a good time to start filling my calendar with the planned projects for this year.

2019 will take me to many familiar locations. I very excited on going back to Barcelona and shoot some old and new clubs. Last autumn I visited Club de Gold Llavaneras and

Club de Golf Vallromanes and now together with the clubs we are going to continue creating premium content for the two beautiful golf courses.

The Barcelona area is strangely unknown amongst golfers. Many do know El Prat, the crown jewel, but Barcelona does have so much more to offer. Visiting Vallromanes and Llavaneras, both designed by F.W. Hawtree inspired me to start a new vlog series on golf architects and golf course architecture called Chasing Architects. Each episode will concentrate on one architect and his/her works. With so many architects to choose from, it has been a real struggle to narrow the list down to just a few that will be presented in season 1. Keep checking back to my blog for the air date sometime early summer.

Troia Golf in Portugal, one of the clubs I'm really looking forward to visiting in 2019

Besides Barcelona and Catalonia in general, I plan to visit at least Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, US and of course the place where all this began, Sand Valley Golf Resort in Poland. I'm also hoping to make my first ever visit to Canada, but nothing certain yet.

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